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History. Philosophy series.

Иллюстрация The editorial policy of "History. Philosophy" series is defined by the key trends in the development of science in the twenty-first century. The processes taking place in the modern world define the main priorities of scientific production. "History. Philosophy" series is focused on presenting main achievements of Kazakhstani and foreign scientists in the socio-humanitarian sphere. The relevance of articles published is confirmed by the fact that the"History. Philosophy" seriesis also a platform for dialogue on major issues of modern society in terms of development of spiritual, cultural, historical, philosophical, religious, sociological, politological, educational, psychological research trajectories."History. Philosophy" series provides the opportunity to publish not only to the venerable, famous scientist, but also to young researchers who continue the tradition of academic science or create their own original ideas about the ways and forms of cognitive heuristics. The publication is aimed at the professional audience, as well as a wide range of readers interested in the problems of world outlook issues and relevant socio-humanitarian situation.

Thematic focus of "History.Philosophy" seriesis connected with the main research priorities of the socio-humanitarian scientific area. "History.Philosophy"series claims the following epistemological areasas priority research directions:

1. Eurasianism: cultural, spiritual, historical, philosophical, psychological, educational contours of the phenomenon;

2. Kazakhstani identity: theory and practice of research

3. Globalization as the factor of determining the diversity of the world

4. Social sciences and humanities of Kazakhstan in the space of world science: past, present, prospects

5. Psychological, educational, religious images of the modernity

Categories of the "History.Philosophy" series:

1. History

2. Philosophy

3. Urgent issues of Psychology

Title of Journal:

Bulletin of the Karaganda University. History. Philosophy Series.

ISSN print 2518-7236

ISSN online 2663-5100

Publisher: KarSU im.E.A. Buketova. Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

Address: Gogol 38.