Bulletin of the Karaganda university

History. Philosophy Series №2017-85-1

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  • Akmadiyeva G.P. Some problems of classification of diplomatic documents
  • Alimbaev Т., Utebaeva А., Akhmetzhanova N., Asankanov A. The environmental situation and the environmental movement in Kazakhstan
  • Beisenbekova N.A. Historical figures in the works Alikhan Bukeikhan
  • Gorovoi V.V., Stambulov S.B. The direction development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organizations interaction with international organizations: 16th summit in Astana
  • Oyon I., Zhumashev R.M., Dosova B.A., Zhumanova A.Z., Nygmetuly D. Language situation in Kazakhstan at the present stage
  • Zhumashev R.M., Aitbayeva B.M., Nуgmetulу D. Trilinguality: past and future
  • Omirbekova Zh.M., Tashagyl A. On the problem of formation and development of ethno-ecological studies
  • Кarsybayeva Zh.А. Housing terms of cities of Central Kazakhstan in 1950–1960
  • Kassymzhanova N.A., Dutta M. Activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Nations on international security issues
  • Kusainova Zh.D. National liberation movement of the Kazakh people led by Kenesary Kasymov: study methodology issues
  • Eleyhanova S.V., Kozina V.V. The Development of Public Health Service and Quality of Medical Services in The Cities of Central Kazakhstan in 1950–1970
  • Stambulov S.B. The problem of formation of a regional security complex in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • Tlegenova L.T., Sakabai T.K. Development of material and technical basis of the film industry of Kazakhstan in 1928–1941
  • Tuleuova B.T., Shotbakova L.K., Smagulova G.M. Participation of Central Kazakhstan women in region’s socio-economic development in the 30’s of the XX century
  • Shlyupikov M.V. Spain in modern system of the international relations. Historiography of the problem


  • Godzhatyurk N.G. On the history of philosophic ideas related to Khidr
  • Zhusupova B.J. Human’s fractal


  • Algozhina A.R. Psychological features of personal qualities of an effective coach
  • Igembaeva K.S. Study of psych reasons of origin conflicts between the married couple
  • Magzumova N.K., Benchich S. The theoretical analysis of features of psychological culture in the environment of poly- and mono-ethnic cultures