Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series №2017-86-2

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  • Zhumashev R.M., Dosova B.A., Zhumanova A.Z., Nygymetuly D. Modern language policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Аdаmbек B.K. Foreign policy of Soviet Union in 1965–1984 yy
  • Aimahov E.N. The study of «everyday life history» in contemporary Russian historiography
  • Grigorkevich А., Saktaganova Z., Trevicsani T. Russian Historiography of the History of Development of Physical Culture and Sports in Everyday Life of the Soviet People in the Second Half of the XX century
  • Yermaganbetova K.S., Sinan Ozbek. Museum as an instrument of region recognition
  • Karsybayeva Zh.А. Housing terms of cities of Central Kazakhstan in 1960–1970
  • Zhauymbayev S.U., Yevdokimov V.V., Kukushkin A.I., Shokhatayev O.S. Metallurgists settlement of Alat of the late bronze age (Karkaraly district of Karaganda region)
  • Somzhurek B.Zh. Military and political integration of the Turkic States of Central Asia
  • Syzdykbekova M. Given their comparatively low rate of success why are sanctions so frequently applied?
  • Shaimerdinova N.G. Turkic peoples of Kazakhstan: gagauzians, their history, language and traditions
  • Ybyrajhan M.Y., Uskembaev K.S. The situation of workers of the Central Kazakhstan mining and metallurgical industry late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • Yskak A.S. Soviet model of public administration economy in Kazakhstan in 1920
  • Myrzakhmetova A.Zh., Ilyina N.F. Modern trends in updating the content of school history education in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Baasankhuu Ganbaatar Mongolian Democratic Foreign Policy since 1990’s
  • Oyunsuren Damdinsuren A nuclear-weapon-free world: from non-proliferation to abolition


  • Karenov R.S. Murat Monkeuly — the prominent poet of «time of troubles»


  • Tulebayeva A.B. The study of individual and psychological characteristics of codependent family members
  • Sabirova R.Sh., Umurkulova M.M. The relationship of coping strategies of specialists in legal labor with the features of professional activities