Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series №2017-87-3

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  • Abdrakhmanova K.K., Dzhumabekov D.A. History of the turkish diaspora in Kazakhstan: history and modernity
  • Beisenbekova N.A., Shotbakova L.K., Stambulov S.B.The international situation in the early ХХth century аnd the Alash intelligentsia
  • Kassenov E.B., Syzdyk B.K. On the influence of Turkey on the national liberation movements in the Russian Empire in the early XX century
  • Gnedash A.A., Rezvushkina T.A. National mechanisms of gender equality in Russia and Kazakhstan: actors, levels, institutional resources
  • Orynbekova R.J., Uskembaev K.S. Popular uprising in 1916: a historical description
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Sizdikova J.S., Karsakova G.B. From the history of the Akmola province: causes and consequences of famine in the early 1920-ies yy
  • Shotbakova L.K., Beisenbekova N.A., Smagulova G.M., Popov J.G. From the history of formation and development of local history studies
  • Babayev E.A. Аbout the ancient Turkic tribes who adopted Christianity


  • Nikovskаya L.I., Baturin V.S. Role of mediation and its application features in the sphere of legal relations
  • Zhusupova B.J. Metamorphism in the myth-making
  • Soloshchenko P.P., Dyussalinova B.K., Karakonissova S.G. The philosophical interpretation of


  • Veliyeva V.I. Specific features of formation of civic self-consciousness of young generation
  • Zhanserikova D.A., Abildina S.K., Amirova B.A. Parental role in children’s adaptation to school