Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series. №2017-88-4

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  • Alzhanova E.E. Sources from the history of handicraft production in the Southern Kazakhstan of the second half of XIX – early XX centuries
  • Kentbek S.K., Zhumanova A.Z., Sakabai T.K. National cultural centers of Central Kazakhstan at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries
  • Tuleuova B.T., Zueva L.I., Tuleuova K.T. The issues of the formation of historical knowledge: foreign experience
  • Gorovoi V.V. On the issue of the adaptation of the Romans and Gallo-Germans at the end of the republic — in the era of the empire
  • Кеnzhegali Zh.M. Water-energy problem as a contemporary factor of national and regional security (the problem of debris flows, moraine lakes, and landslides)
  • Smagulov N.B., Tashagyl A. The world view of ancient Turks — the basis of the state ideology «Mangilik El»
  • Stambulov S.B., Dutta M. On the issue of the problems of expanding the SCO at the present stage
  • Smagulova G.M., Tuleuova B.T. New names of Central Kazakhstan: Z.N. Sabitova


  • Karipbayev B.I. Formation of the concept of religious tolerance and ethnic consolidation in the educational formats of modern Kazakhstan in the context of the patriotic act «Mangilik El»
  • Rezvushkina T.A. Using of traditional practices in childcare in modern Kazakh society
  • Abbasova K.Ya., Soloshchenko P.P., Karakonissova S.G. Philosophical culture as a way of forming a cultural identity


  • Kapbasova G.B., Kapasheva G.А., Algozhina A.R. Study of attitudes towards terrorism in a gender context
  • Shirinbekova Zh.A., Burlenova S.O. Psychological aspects of the relationship of value-semantic sphere and professional growth of teachers: modern educational field