Bulletin of the Karaganda university

History. Philosophy Series №2018-89-1

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  • Adilova A.K., Ilyassov Sh.A. Development of cattle breeding in Kazakhstan in the Bronze Age
  • Amirov Ye.Sh. Karatuma burial grounds in the system of the Saka-Wusun antiquities
  • Bodeev K.T., Saktaganova Z.G. The policy of the Soviet government in towards religious organizations in Kazakhstan (30–40th of the XX century)
  • Gorovoy V.V. The gender factor in ancient world: antiquity
  • Grigorkevich A.A., Saktaganova Z.G. History of the development of physical culture and sports in Kazakhstan in 1946–1960 in the period of Soviet power
  • Yedgina G.T., Zhumashev R.M. Foreign policy course of independent Kazakhstan
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Karsakova G.B. Children’s homelessness in the Akmola province in 1921–1923 and actions for its elimination
  • Sametova G., Alpysbes M. History of urbanization of Kazakhstan in XVIII–XIX centuries in the conditions of transformation of the traditional Kazakh society


  • Dyusalinova B.K., Karakonisova S.G., Soloshchenko P.P. Cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road in the context of spiritual modernization of Kazakhstan
  • Sisengaliev K.M., Ziyazetdinov R.M., Kim R. Civil society and constitutional state: similarities and differencies
  • Amrakhly L.Sh. Peculiarities of cognitive activity of adolescents


  • Alimbayeva R.T., Yesnazarova L.U., Lazareva Ye.A. Study of emotional intelligence of a medical university students