Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series №2018-90-2

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  • Abdrakhmanova K.K, Smagulov А.S. Cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education K.K.with foreign countries: the historiography of the problem in the 1990s-the beginning of the 2000s
  • Ablazhey N.N. Regional and national projects of the Siberian regionalists
  • Abylkhozhin Zh.B., Burkhanov B., Kubeyev R. The October Revolution of 1917 and Its Social Base:The Scientific Insolvency of Some Traditional Historiographic Mythologems
  • Adambek B.K. The February revolution in Russia in 1917
  • Raiymbekova A.A., Zhabina Zh.R. Theoretical interpretation of the concept of «mediation»
  • Amanzholova D.А. Revolution of 1917 and problems of ethnopolitical development of the peoples of the Central Asian region of Russia
  • Alzhanova E.E., Kasymbekov A.S. History of colonization of the Kazakh steppe in written sources of the 19th century: electronic collection
  • Bodeev K.T., Saktaganova Z.G. The legal status of religious organizations in the Soviet period (40 years of the XX century)
  • Dosova B.A. Gender studies and problems of studying the theme «Woman and war»
  • Yedgina G.T., Khaled Abou Taam. Nursultan Nazarbayev — leader and diplomat
  • Saktaganova Z.G.The historiographic discourse of the problem «The Russian Revolution of 1917 and Kazakhstan»
  • Syzdykova Z.S., Dosova B.A., Baigozhina G.M. Materials of the state archive of Karaganda region on the religious policy of the Soviet state in 1970–1980
  • Kurpebayeva G.K. The role of the Islamic factor in the socio-political development of the Arab countries
  • Yermekbayev A.А. The change in Turkey's foreign policy: from Kemalism to Neo-Ottomanism (the main internal and external factors)


  • Baturin V.S., Abramovich Ye.A. The role of English in the process of transformation of public consciousnessce
  • Kokumbaeva B., Temirton G. Female and Male as key constants of human existence: the experience of logical reconstruction
  • Fetalieva N.Yu. Problems of Abai’s philosophy


  • Injigolyan A.A., Lamanova A.S. The experience of the using of sociological method «feedback» on the realization of the tasks of the educational quality’s increasing in the medical university
  • Magzumova N.K., Bencic S., Igembaeva K.S. Psychological features of adaptation to the learning process of students