Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series №2018-91-3

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  • Kazbekova N.A., Sagatova A.S., Nurligenova Z.N. Legal foundations of the activity of public associations on the territory of pre-revolutionary Kazakhstan
  • Zhumashev R.M., Murakami Ya., Kukushkin A.I., Dmitriev Yе.A. Archaeological study of Kazakhstan in the works of the researchers of the XVII century - the first half of the XIX century
  • Yedgina G.T., Abou Taam Kh. Republic of Kazakhstan at the dawn of independence: socio-political aspect
  • Pylypchuk Ya.V. Turkic-khazar raids on the South Caucasus in the VI–VIII centuries
  • Alzhanova E.E. Indicators of a living level of the population of Kazakhstan for the last ten years of XX th century
  • Zhumashev R.M., Khlebnikov I.D., Ilyasov Sh.A. From the history of the formation of a sociocultural community: the austro-hungarian experience
  • Mazhitova Zh.S., Khassenova Zh.O., Omarova B.K. Ideological and methodological concepts in Soviet historiography of pre-revolutionary history of Kazakhs (1920s — 1940s)
  • Mussagaliyeva A.S., Mussabekova R.M. Special contingent in the development of virgin and fallow lands of Northern Kazakhstan
  • Askhat G., Zhabina Zh.R. Politico-legal aspects of states in relation to foreign diasporas
  • Stambulov S.B., Uskembaeva A.A., Karsybaeva Zh.A. Role of documents in the context of multilateral diplomacy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of security
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Abdrakhmanova K.K. Soviet and modern Kazakhstani historiography of the problem of «Women of Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War»
  • Amrina М.S., Smagulov N.B. Akzhan Mashanov’s scientific and spiritual heritage


  • Zhusupova B.J. From the mirages of social cognition
  • Sagatova A.S., Abdrahmanova A.A. Great ideals in the process of implementing national goals and interests of the country
  • Kokumbaeva B., Temirton G. Neomatriarhat as a new stage of universal evolution (future project)
  • Abbasova K.Ya., Kusbekov D.K. The spiritual foundations of the human capital formation in the context of modernization of the public consciousness
  • Kusbekov D.K. Root causes of religious extremism (philosophical aspects)