Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series. №2018-92-4

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  • Abdrakhmanova K.K. Signal-women of the East Kazakhstan region during the Great Patriotic War:women's stories and front-line daily life
  • Yedgina G.T., Abou Taam Kh., Uskembayev K.S. Personality in history: modern approaches
  • Kukushkin A.I., Murakami Ya., Zhauymbay S.U., Dmitriev Ye.A. History of studying and characterization of the burial rite of Fedorov tribes of Eastern Kazakhstan
  • Khassenova Zh.O., Mazhitova Zh.S. Of deporting the Soviet Germans to Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War: the practice of Soviet power
  • Otepova G.E., Aliyasova V.N., Ilyassova А.S., Somonzhuogly A. Review of Russian sources on the history of Kazakhstan XVIII – early XX centuries
  • Sagatova A.S., Tleugabylova K.S. Guarantee of peace is the field of spiritual consent
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Mukataeva G.A. The role of Kazakhstan women in the years of the Great Patriotic War (based on materials of Central Kazakhstan)
  • Zharkenova A.M. The polyethnic composition of the population of Northern Kazakhstan in the late XIX–XXІ centuries: historical features, current trends and prospects
  • Bykov A.Yu. Mutual relations between Orenburg administration and higher kazakh nobility in the first half the XVIII century
  • Tuleuova B.T., Gorovoi V.V., Tuleuova K.T. The role of world historiography in the modernization of the educational value of historical knowledge
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Abylkhozhin Zh.B. «Wilderness project»: achieving and problems (socioeconomic and ecological aspects of virgin lands)


  • Kusbekov D.K. Modern integration of religion
  • Kusbekov D.K. The Great Silk road’s culture heritage as a factor of the modern cultures dialogue
  • Zhussupova B.Zh. Cognitive angle of «another sociality»