Bulletin of the Karaganda university

History. Philosophy Series №2019-93-1

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  • Abdrakhmanova K.K., Saktaganova Z.G.Medical women of the East Kazakhstan region during the Great Patriotic War: heroism and front daily life
  • Abisheva М.М., Barsukov A.M.Cooperation opportunities of the Islamic Republic Iran with Euro-pean economic union
  • Aldabergenova M.K., Maqsud F., Rustambekova М., Zhadrayeva G.A. The medieval city Syganak (according to written and archaeological sources)
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Mukhataeva G.A. Women of Central Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War
  • Shlyupikov M.V.England and Ireland in XIX–XXI centuries. Historiography of the international in-teraction
  • Shormanbayeva D.G., Ivleva E.N., Seydinova М.А.Social Transformation of Kazakhstan Society in the System of Higher Education
  • Zhumanova A.Z., Sakabai T. K., Karsybaeva Zh.A.The main activities of the national cultural cen-ters of the Central Kazakhstan at a boundary of XX-of the 21st centuries
  • Urstembayeva Zh.T., Iskakova K.I.Continuity and ethnic kinship between the Kazakh and Hungar-ian peoples
  • Tuleuova B.T., Gorovoi V.V., Shotbakova L.K. The role of the family institution in the formation of the historical knowledge ofthe younger generation
  • Akhmetshina G.U., Shayahmetov N.U., Zhumanova A.Z.Formation and activity of the National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan: problems of modernization of historical consciousness
  • Stambulov S.B., Gorovoi V.V., Zhumanova A.Z.SCO policy and new members: 2018 and its perspective


  • Zhussupova B.Zh.Epistemological dissonance: fromclassic to non-classic
  • Kusbekov D.K.Thinkers of the Twentieth Century: Society, a Democratic State and the Ways of their Formation
  • Kusbekov D.K.Model of Kazakhstan’s religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue: social philo-sophical analyze
  • Karipbayev B.I., Slovakova V.Axiological aspects of theories of good and evil in the context of comprehension of idea of toleration
  • Shakirov S.E., Dronzina T. Mediation as a new factor in the development of modernization of pub-lic consciousness


  • Kapbasova G.B., Кapasheva G.А., Algozhina A.R.Study of the relationship between anxiety level and coping strategies among students