Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series №2019-94-2

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  • Adambek B.K. Russia in the period of democratic development (March-October 2017)
  • Alipbayev A., Byuzheyeva B., Balaubayeva B., Jaukasharova G. Feminism as a revolutionary theory
  • Galiev A.A., Myrzakhmetova A.Zh. The Great Patriotic War in the politics of memory in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Yeleuhanova S.V., Utebayeva A.D. Women of Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War: Soviet historiography (1970–1980s)
  • Ilyasov Sh.A., Uskembayev K.S., Dzhumabekov D.A. Activities of Kazakh officials of the colonial administration of the Steppe region
  • Kassimova S.S. The last years of life of Saken Seifullin
  • Kukushkin I.A., Tishkin A.A., Dmitriev E.A. Sacred monuments of ancient Saryarka and modern re-searches
  • Razdykova G.M, Salimov F.N.To the question of the content of educational programs in the muslim schools of Kazakhstan
  • Sagatova A.S., Abdrahmanova A.A. About the role of the national idea «Mangilik El», as a strategy for the development of Kazakhstan in the context ofglobalization
  • Saktaganova Z., Grigorkevich A. Physical Culture and Sports in the USSR and Soviet Kazakhstan in the 1940s-1980s
  • Saktaganova Z.G., Ilyasov Sh.A., Tulegenova A.Zh. Rights, duties and activities of county and peasant chiefs and other employees of staff structures in the colonial management system


  • Karipbayev B.I. Socially-philosophical models of tolerance
  • Medvedovskaya V.F. Ten Aristotle categories representation by means of cabalistic Sephiroth Tree
  • Rezvushkina Т.А. Motherhood in social and philosophical discussion


  • Chung M.C., Sabirova R.Sh., Umurkulova M.M. The interrelationship between policemen’s coping strategies and features ofemotional intelligence
  • Lazareva Ye.А.Research of professional installations and self-regulation system in early youth