Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series №2019-95-3

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  • Yeleuhanova S.V., Utebayeva A.D.Women of Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet historiography (1941–1964)
  • Zhorayeva G.T. The history of the repressions of the Kazakh intelligentsia (the late 20's – early 30's оf the 20th century)
  • Zhumabayev B.Е.,BayazitovaR.R. Sacralization of the Kazakhs’ consciousness
  • Kassimova S.S.Saken Seifullin – the organizer of national education in Kazakhstan
  • Kozina V.V., Eleukhanova S.V., Zhumabekov Zh. A.The daily life of people in the industrial cities of Central Kazakhstan at the end of the Soviet era
  • Nurligenova Z.N.History of formation and development of the Karaganda State Technical Univer-sity
  • Ualiyeva G.K., Utebayeva A.D., Akhmetzhanova N.Zh., Babyrbek A.M. The main ways of creating a state in A. Bokeikhan's works
  • Grigorkevich А.A., Saktaganova Z.G.Background of the emergence of mass physical culture and sports in the everyday life of the cities of the Soviet Union
  • Shormanbayeva D.G., Alzhanova G.B., Ivleva E.N., Ceydinova М.А.Communicative nature of in-formation society and the main trends of its social and culturaltransformation
  • Stambulov S.B., Kenzhegali Zh.M., Gorovoi V.V.Formation of relations between China and Pakistan in the 50-90s ofthe twentieth century
  • Uskembayeva А.А.Formation of national identity in Central Asia
  • Kalysh A.B., Isaeva A.I., Zhumanova A.Z.Ethnodemographic processes among Ukrainians of Ka-zakhstan in the 1920th years


  • Razumov V.I., Karipbayev B.I.System of education as space of forming of skills of tolerance and ethnic consolidation