Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Hstory. Philosophy series. №2019-96-4

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  • Balaubayeva B., Nuraliyeva S. The impact of news media on foreign policy: the «CNN effect» and the Somali Civil War
  • Beisenbekova N., Nupinova Zh. The problem of youth in the works of Alash intellectuals
  • Yessetov N.E., Tashagyl A. Bodies of economic regulation of land relations in Kazakhstan 20-years of XX century (on the example of Aktobe region)
  • Ильясов Ш.А., Абуов Н.А., Дюлгерова Н. Деятельность генерал-губернатора Степного края И.П. Надарова(1906–1908 гг.)
  • Kartova Z.K. History of examination and source study analysis of Amir Timur’s diploma issued by the Turkestan mosque of Khoja Ahmet Yasavi at the end of the XIV — beginning of the XV century
  • Mussagaliyeva A., Mussabekova R. Deportation of Azerbaijanis to Kazakhstan (1930–1940 yy.)
  • Saktaganova Z.G. Tattimbet: Great Names of the Kazakh Steppe of the XIX century
  • Smagulova G.M., Telgarin A.N. Some of the problems of digitization and digital diplomacy
  • Shormanbayeva D., Alzhanova G., Seidinova M. Improvement of social and cultural values of modern Kazakhstan society


  • Injigolyan A.A., Yeskozhin Е.B., Shloma E.G. Migration potential among entrepreneurs: a regional aspect (on the example ofthe Atyrau region)
  • Zharmakina F.M. National picture of the world and archetypical matrix mentality of the Kazakh people
  • Mirzageldiyev B.A., Mukhametshin R.M. Activities of the Sharia court of the Orenburg Muftiate in the Kazakh steppe
  • Mazeikiene N., Kusbekov D.K., Soloshchenko P.P.Philosophical aspects of human capital for-mation: from economic feasibilityto human self-actualization
  • Mazeikiene N., Kusbekov D.K., Soloshchenko P.P.Methodology of pragmatism as a formation way of thinking culture in educational activities


  • Baturin V.S. We are determined to learn each other by our destiny itself