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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
History. Philosophy series. Author Guide

The length of the text, including a bibliography, should not exceed 12 pages of text typed on a computer (Microsoft Word editor), the minimum length of the text for humanitarian areas is 6-7 pages. The editors must submit an electronic version of the article.

The electronic version of the article should be submitted to the editor through the section ‘SUBMIT MONUSCRIPT’

Fields of the manuscript should be: upper and lower - 25 mm, left and right - 20 mm; font - Times New Roman, size - 11 pt; line spacing - single; alignment - in width; indent - 0.8 cm.

All abbreviations and acronyms, with the exception of the well-known, should be deciphered on their first appearance in the text.

The structure of the article includes the following sections:

Title: includes a separate line on the left of the UDC index, information about the authors (initials and surname, name of institution or organization, city, country, e-mail of the author responsible for correspondence with the editors), title of the article.

Abstract: Mandatory annotation components: information content (annotation volume - 180-200 words); originality (novelty of the article); content (the main content of the article and the results of the study); structurelessness; conclusions. The abstract is given in English, Kazakh and Russian.

 Keywords: at least 10 basic terms or short phrases used in the article. Keywords are given in English, Kazakh and Russian.

The internal structure of a scientific article (obligatory selection of each structural part in the article):

  • Introduction 
  • Research methods (Experimental) 
  •  Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • (Acknowledgments) (if necessary, or information is indicated if there is a source of research funding - grants, state budget programs, etc..)
  • References

Sample article link 

Requirements for references  link

Attention! If references is in English, transliteration is not needed